7 Safe Outdoor Spring Activities for Seniors

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for seniors. Sunshine provides vitamin D while physical activity improves strength and coordination. This can reduce fall risk and strengthen the immune system.

Each person has unique needs. Some seniors may be more mobile and capable of walking around unaided while others may be limited. Safety should be a top priority when planning outdoor activities for seniors. The following list will help you come up with fun, invigorating ways for seniors to safely spend time outdoors this spring season.

Build a Small Raised Garden Bed

Gardening is a wonderful pastime for seniors. Those without physical limitations may be able to build their own garden beds. Those who have limited mobility may need someone to come in and build a raised bed for them. Make sure these are raised high enough that older adults in wheelchairs or who cannot bend down can reach them.

Seniors with a green thumb can plant seeds or start seedlings indoors that can be moved to the garden bed once the weather warms up. Simple hand tools and small watering buckets are all that’s needed to keep plants growing.

It’s a great spring activity that can turn into a fun late-summer or early-fall event when it’s time to harvest!

Watch Wildlife with a Bird Feeder

Birds can be fascinating to watch. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Install a bird feeder within view of an easily accessible location, like next to a deck, patio, or porch. You can also place them outside of windows so that seniors can continue to enjoy the birds while indoors.

Keep the feeder filled and let seniors toss extra seed to the birds while outside. It’s a wonderful social activity for assisted living communities. Residents gather together to enjoy the season while the birds serve as an ice breaker to help build friendships.

Plan an Afternoon on the Porch or Patio

If you have a patio, porch, or deck, set it up for relaxing spring afternoons. Clear away obstacles that can be tripping hazards, like low flowerpots or décor. Remember to provide adequate seating for everyone. It is also helpful to have an awning, umbrella, or roof over at least part of the porch for bright days that may be too sunny.

Enjoy Fishing by a Local Pond

Go on a daytime fishing trip with a senior or a group of seniors! Choose a pond or lake that is easy to access – preferably something with close parking. Also make sure you have enough people on hand to assist as needed, especially when traveling with adults who have limited mobility or more demanding health needs.

This one will likely require more planning, so make sure you have considered the needs of all seniors participating before heading out.

Go Outside and Blow Bubbles

Remember being a kid blowing bubbles? It was so much fun! Relive that nostalgia by going outside and blowing bubbles! This activity is easy and a great way to boost moods. It’s very inexpensive, requires minimal planning, and can be done anywhere. You can buy bottles of bubbles or make your own with water and a little dish soap.

Change things up by looking for bubble wands in different shapes. This is also a great activity for families with children visiting a senior loved one.

Pack an Outdoor Picnic Lunch

Make lunch time more exciting by planning an outdoor picnic! Set up tables with checkered covers and set out delicious foods to share. This spring activity is best saved for pleasant sunny days with minimal chance of rain.

Choose a variety of food when bringing a group. Include some classics like potato salad, deviled eggs, or whatever your guests love to eat. If transportation is available, you could move your picnic to a local park for a change of scenery.

Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

Many communities host farmer’s markets during the spring and summer seasons. It’s a great opportunity to get delicious locally grown produce and to meet others in the community. Seniors can enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the market. These events also present an interesting collection of goods and foods that highlight the local area.

Make it even better by purchasing vegetables or fruits that can be brought home and used to cook tasty dishes like pies or soups. These could be incorporated into a picnic as described above! Many farmer’s markets also sell other locally made items that seniors enjoy like handcrafted soaps, décor, and more.

The best spring activities will depend on the interests and needs of the seniors who will be doing them. You can also make your loved one a part of the planning process by asking for their input or suggestions.

A life of new experiences is enriching at any age. At Casas Adobes we want to help residents live life to the fullest. Check back for more information on senior living, health, and more.